Backup whatever, whenever, and restore everywhere, anytime

EaseBackup is Windows 7 compatible

     123Backup is an easy-to-use wizard-driven backup and restore application. You can easily 'teach' the program how to do the hard work.


  1. Easy-to-use Wizard Interface - Wizard-driven interface drives you step by step through Backup and Restore operations making them much easier.

  2. Huge storage options - Ability to backup on any kind of removable disks or to any standard FTP server gives you whole freedom where backup your data. Get all benefits of backup: compression, encryption, span disks, partial restores and others...

  3. Incremental backup archive - Smart incremental and patch backups minimize backup time by backing up only changes which were made with your files.

  4. Backup of open files - External module to backup open files allows you to have REALLY full and correct version of your files. Open spreadsheets, word-processing documents, graphics files and any other files are backed up successfully, even though they're open and in use at the time the backup occurs.

  5. Partial restores - When your file has been corrupted or lost, the last thing you want to do is spend hours finding and restoring your system.  123Backup has been designed to get you running fast, with minimum effort and minimum cost.

  6. Scheduler and email reporting - Integration with Windows scheduler and the ability to send backup reports via email allow you to be fully protected and informed!

  7. Strong encryption and file-spanning - Support of 2048-bit encryption lets you don't worry about confidential documents! Keeps prying eyes from seeing your data by using the best encryption technology.

  8. Built-in support tools - Lots of help tools we have built into this application help you to solve all your problems easily and quickly.

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