All backup solutions are designed to provide a simple, reliable and cost-effective data protection for you.

     EaseBackup has more features than 123Backup or BackupMe but it's a bit more complicated. 123Backup offers only basic features with a very simple wizard-driven interface.

     You should use 123Backup if plan to have a single Backup Set and do only basic backups. If you need many Backup Sets, Disaster Recovery module, database backups with other advanced features, EaseBackup should be your choice. BackupMe stands somewhere between 123Backup and EaseBackup. Take a look at the fact table below to choose:


Background backups of your files, Windows registry and extended file information.

Software saves all available information about a file, including file attributes, security information and alternative file streams. You can be sure, after restoration you will get an exact copy of backed up files.

Restore any version of a backed up file to an original or another location.

Software has been designed to get you running fast, with minimum effort and minimum cost. Ability to restore any backed up version allows you to undo unnecessary changes, which were made with documents.

Backup on any standard FTP account.

Software works directly with any standard FTP Server. SSL encryption over FTP is also supported. Optional proxy server, passive mode and usage of TCP/IP protocol allow you to backup any computer in LAN or Internet without disabling secure restrictions.

(without SSL encryption)
Disc to disc backups

You can save backed up data on any hard or removable drive.

CD/DVD backups

Software can record data directly on your CD/DVD recording device without any external software. more...

Agentless backups

Remote computers can be easily backed up without need to install software. more...

Tape backups

You can backup to any tape device that is recognized by software. Storage Device Console allows to erase, verify tapes and much more... Shared tape device can be used to facilitate centralized backup storage to have a much more efficient and organized solution.

Continues Data Protection (CDP)

CDP module monitors selected files for changes and backup them immediately after they have been changed.

Module to backup Oracle, MS SQL Server amd MS Exchange Server databases

DBBackup module allows you to perform online backups of Oracle, MS SQL Server and MS Exchange Server databases. Also it allows to backup individual mailboxes and messages.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery CD is the easiest and fastest way to restore your computer's hard disk. It contains all core files and recovers Windows and backup software. It takes only 2-20 minutes and almost do not need any user intervention.

Backup of open (locked) files

External module to backup open files allows you to have REALLY full and correct version of ALL your files. Open spreadsheets, word-processing documents, graphics files and any other files are backed up successfully, even though they're open and in use at the time the backup occurs.

Encryption, Compression, Scheduler

2048-bit OpenPGP encryption lets protects your documents! Compression squeezes more files into your media. Integration with the Windows scheduler and e-mail reporting make you fully protected and informed! The scheduler starts backups whether you logged or not.

(128-bit Blowfish encryption)
Flexible and powerful file selectors

You can include and exclude files to backup using an unlimited number of file selectors. File selector is a list of file extensions. When you apply a file selector to a folder, all files with above file extensions will be included or excluded from backup.

Patch technology

Clever incremental backup compares two versions of a file and generates a patch file with only the changes you have made. That often reduces size of backup archives on 80%-90%.

Centralized management and Automatic installation

Easy and powerful Network Administrator Console and blind installations allow to manage of all your backup clients and install EaseBackup on thousands of computers without visiting a single desktop.

Automatic remote upgrades from FTP Server

If you have many clients, you can upgrade them remotely without any user intervention.

Backup from UNC paths without mapping a network drive

You do not need to map netwrok drives to backup files from them.

External commands

You can customize the backup process through the use of external commands. External command is an application that can be run before, during, and after backup.

Built-in support tools

Lots of support tools help you to solve all problems easily and quickly.

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