EaseBackup Professional
Backup whatever, whenever, and restore everywhere,
EaseBackup is Windows 7 compatible

     DBBackup is an easy to use wizard-driven tool for your Oracle, MS SQL Server and MS Exchange Server databases with support of incremental and online backups.  You can easily 'teach' the program how to do the hard work, then you make your backups in a few steps.


  1. Easy-to-use interface - Wizard-driven interface drives you step by step through Backup and Restore operations making them much easier.

  2. Incremental backups - You are able to backup only changes which were made since the previous backup.  That saves dozen of time and space!

  3. Backup of open database - Your users can continue their work while DBBackup backs up your database!

  4. Full integration with database - Software uses native backup capabilities that gives you all benefits of native backup tools.

  5. Powerful restore options - You can restore corrupted datafiles to online database, restore full database or duplicate backed database.

  6. Strong checksum checking - Software uses 2 reliable and fast algorithms to ensure that your data is OK!

  7. Scheduler and email reporting - Integration with Windows scheduler and e-mail reporting allow you to be fully protected and informed!

  8. Strong encryption and file-spanning - Support of 2048-bit encryption lets you don't worry about confidential information!

  9. External commands - Customize your backups by using any number of external commands before and after backup.

System Requirements

Operating System and Software:
  1. Oracle 7.X and higher
  2. MS SQL Server 7.0 and higher
  3. MS Exchange Server 2000 and higher

  1. x86 Intel or compatible

  1. Required: 64 MB RAM required
  2. Recommended: 128 MB RAM (or more for better performance)

Disk Space:
  1. 10 MB hard disk space required after operating system is installed.

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Restore procedure

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