Backup whatever, whenever, and restore everywhere, anytime

     FileBackup is an easy-to-use backup and restore utility with graphical user interface. It supports patch backups, soft and hard links, able to backup on removables, CD/DVD, FTP server or Tape unit. You can easily 'teach' the program how to do the hard work, then you make your backups in a few steps.


  1. Easy-to-use Interface - Easy-to-use GUI interface helps you start backup and restore within seconds!

  2. Huge storage options - Ability to backup on any kind of removable disks or to any standard FTP server gives you whole freedom where backup your data. Get all benefits of backup: compression, encryption, span disks, partial restores and others... Support of rsh is planned.

  3. Incremental backup archive - Smart incremental and patch backups minimize backup time by backing up only changes which were made with your files.

  4. Command line mode - FileBackup can be used at your shell scripts.

  5. Encryption - Integration with GnuPG allows to protect your data with most reliable encryption software.

  6. Email reporting - Detailed backup logs can be sent to any email address.

  7. External commands - Customize your backups by using any number of external commands before and after backup.

  8. Partial and full restores - When your previously good file has been corrupted or lost, the last thing you want to do is spend hours finding and restoring your system.  Software has been designed to get you running fast, with minimum effort and minimum cost.

System Requirements

Operating System:
  1. Linux 2.2.x and higher with GTK2 libraries
  2. MAC OS 10.X

  1. Required: 32 MB RAM required
  2. Recommended: 64 MB RAM (or more for better performance)

Disk Space:
  1. 10 MB hard disk space required after operating system is installed.

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The main page

Program Options

Edit screen

Restore options

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