Are you looking for opportunities to expand your business?

     We are interested in building an effective marketing campaign for our software, and your interest in our products would be highly appreciated. We are welcome anyone who may want to distribute our software. You can choose one of our partnership programs below. In addition, we're ready to work out a specific solution that will suite your needs.

  1. Resellers - If you want to resell our software to your existing or potential customers, we are ready to provide discounts to you. We are also interested in distributing our software through local resellers targeted on specific countries or regions. In all cases, we try to be flexible in determining conditions depending on your sales volumes and target markets. We want to make this business convenient for you and mutually beneficial. Your customers will receive technical support from us as usual.

  2. Online Backup partnership - KieSoft provides a full range of software products to enable your company to offer online backup service to your clients without big investments. All our software products are fully customizable (i.e. all our logos, titles, URLs and icons can be replaced on yours and you can provide the service under your own brand name without any reference on KieSoft). Easy to use interface and many features give you a low-cost way to setup your own online backup service.

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