The 4 Step Process for Backing Up Any Piece of Data

To keep all of your information in a computer, can be a risky thing to do, your computer can break or stop functioning at any time given and you’ll lose all of the files and information that you kept there. So, in that matter, it’s very important to have a backup of all of that information. Here are 4 short steps you should follow to back up any piece of data:

Be Careful

computer security - The 4 Step Process for Backing Up Any Piece of Data

It is recommended to be careful when it comes to where you save all of your data because it can be erased at any moment. If you prevent this situation from happening and save your data in multiple places, you won’t have to go to the disturbing situation of losing your files.

The first step and the most known way to backup data is to manually backup your files and information to a network location or removable media. You can decide which files are the ones that you want to backup and how often you need them to provide that service.

When we talk about removable media, we talk about CD, DVD or a USB memory card. This is one of the best options to keep your information safe. You can place the removable media, in any device that allows this type of server, and you will have your files and information in your hand, any place, and any time.

Double-Click It

mouse clicking - The 4 Step Process for Backing Up Any Piece of Data

The first thing you need to do is, click start – the button found in the inferior left side of your computer- click “computer” and then double-click the drive where you keep the Windows version of your computer.  Search for the files that you want to backup, copy and paste them in your removable media or network location.

If that method isn’t for you, then you can opt for the easy transfer feature to transfer all of the files and information to another computer. As easy as this option is, it is not for everybody. Only devices with Windows 7 and Windows Vista can use this method.

To use this tool from a Windows 7, you have to follow these quick steps:

Click Start, and then search in in the programs list for the Windows Easy Transfer. Then, look at the instructions that they give you, and follow up step-by-step.

To use this tool from Windows Vista, you have to follow these quick steps:

On Windows 7 Is Easier

windows desktop - The 4 Step Process for Backing Up Any Piece of Data

On a Windows 7 computer, insert the CD from Windows Vista. Click, start, then the computer and after that CD or DVD drive. Open the support folder, double-click the Migwiz.exe file, and follow the instructions given.

The third thing you can do is, use the backup and restore center, this method can only be used if the computer that holds the information has a Windows 7/Windows Vista operating system.

What you need to do is, search for the Backup and Restore in the programs list, under that click “set up backup”, choose the place where you want to save that backup, click Let Windows choose, and finally “save settings” and run backup.

The final step, or method available, is to transfer the information from other versions of Windows accessible to you. In order to do that, the steps you need to take are simple:

Search for all programs, look for “Accessories”, then “System tools”, then you will find the option of Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, click next – old computer, and that’s it!

As you can see, with the many options given, you can save all of your data, and never have to go through the discouraging process of losing your information again.

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