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Kei Soft is considered the go-to place where you can get the most reliable and efficient software for your starting business. As well, you can get a lot of information regarding our programs and how do they succeed to aid you when you work.

As well, in Kei Soft, we worry about the use of our programs and how to take the best of it. That’s why we also provide multiple services of assistance and support to give all the users that brought our product. A proper training that can solve any doubts regarding our products.

But here in Kei soft, we also focus on providing tools so you can see how these companies and business get the best of our products. All our software are considered a success by their users and we are proud of our work, that’s why we also share some of our tools and resources that help us reach the place that we are today.

Since we learned a lot from these sources, it’s time to share some of our knowledge and help you understand a little more about the task behind the creation of our software. Not to mention the process that it takes to be useful and functional.

Introduction to Software Project Management:

Introduction to Software Project Management - Downloads and Resources
One of the most crucial elements to learn is how to take advantage of your actual tools and start making your software the way you intended. That’s why this source is highly important if you want to start your project.

It will teach you the importance of the basic elements such as controlling and administrate your time for an optimal result or the overall cost of your project and how to take advantage of it by making the best product possible with the least cost.

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Software Project Management (Bob Hughes and Mike Cotterell)

Software Project Management - Downloads and Resources
If you want more information in-depth about the importance of project management and how to start working with your project in a more effective and lucrative way, your solution might be to start reading this resource and learn how to take advantage of your situation.

In this book you’ll see some important factors that you need to learn about software management and how to get started in your overall project. Just about how to target your product and make it a seller point and basic indications on how to make proper software, as well. It has everything you need to know to start your project and covers the basic of software management.

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Software developing Handbook Transforming the digital age

Software developing Handbook Transforming the digital age - Downloads and Resources
A must read if you are interested in becoming part of the software business. Since here you’ll learn more than the basics to get you started right away in software development. As well some techniques that would prove useful while you use the knowledge in this handbook.

An interesting read as well if you mastered how to operate software and want to get more in-depth about how does every program work and how to be a programmer.

With these tools and resources, you now can understand the work behind Kie Soft. And how our product changes the industry in small business and makes a formidable change for them.

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