Why Is Everyone Using Proxies Nowadays?

If you often navigate on the internet, you might see a lot of people discussing using a proxy or talking about their experience using it. Now you might feel lost if you don’t know what it is, and more important, why everyone is doing so? Let’s get an idea.

To answer this question we might have to discuss first, what are “proxy” and the utility of using it.  A proxy is a type of server that serves differently to any other category of servers, in this one we connect with another computer that plays the role of an intermediary between our system and the internet.

Pros And Cons Are Established

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Now the utility behind proxy is different with each user, for instance one of the advantages of using proxy is the fact that it allows you to make indirect connection with the internet or network services, since our signal is being first used in a server and the computer that is held as “intermediary” send our signal to the internet.

For that, using a proxy server your computer will first connect to the proxy server while you request your search on the internet. Let’s say that you are looking for games, books or something similar. Pretty much any resource that is available on the internet. After you do these searches the proxy server would look at his cache and it will return the information that you asked for. It is on top of the industry.

Uses the Cache

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On the other hand, if your search was not possible, it will return nothing since in a proxy server using the cache implies looking to the local hard disk, and if is nothing available in such cache, it will connect to other computers and servers to search for your results using the other remote servers.

But now, one of the most common uses nowadays for these so-called “Proxy server” are mainly for hiding your IP, for example, if you want to avoid being traced or feeling more secured having a proxy server backing you up.

Another useful use of a proxy server is by sharing your internet connection with others that are part of this server. This can come handy if you are the only with a stable internet connection and want to share it with the other systems in this server.

Lots Of Benefits Included

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To being honest, not only there are a lot of uses for a proxy server. But as well so many benefits by using them, let’s take a list of examples on how a proxy server can come handy in any situation and how to take advantage of their use.

For example, if you control a small business that has a lot of computer systems but only one of these has an internet connection. Using a proxy server you finally can share your net with the other systems using a LAN connection and obviously, setting up a proxy server.

Another useful use for a proxy connection is to access to websites that are blocked in your country or you aren’t allowed to go into. Since proxy is used as a bridge for another connection, you can easily get into these websites by using a proxy connection.

You now know what are a proxy and their uses. So now, you can explore the internet in a safer and anonymous way by using a proxy server. Not to mention the countless benefits of being part of a proxy server.

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